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Ten of the world’s coolest bike shops: 2018 edition by CyclingTips

Times have never been tougher for bricks-and-mortar bike shops. Online retailers have made it nigh on impossible for physical retailers to compete on price and many local bike shops have closed down as a result. But LBSs will never truly disappear, and that’s undoubtedly a positive. A good bike shop offers more than just a place to buy a bike or accessories — it can be a community hub, a place to meet and ride with like-minded folks.

Back in 2013 we published two articles (part 1, part 2) looking at some of the coolest bike shops on the planet. Five years on, we figured it was time to shine a light on some more of the world’s best bike shops.

We had some ideas of which shops to include, of course, but we also wanted to cast a wider net. So we asked you via Twitter and Facebook which shops you thought should be included in our list. We received more than 120 recommendations. Thank you to everyone that helped us out!

There’s nothing scientific about the list you see below. “Coolest” is clearly subjective, but in our book, each of the shops below deserves its place on the list. They’ve got there through a combination of your recommendations and our perspective on what we like to see in a bike shop.

What are we looking for in a bike shop? Well, it needs to have more than just a workshop and bikes for sale. It needs to have a strong community feel to it — it needs to offer something extra, whether that be a cafe, a community outreach program, or something else to set it apart.

It also needs to be cool. It needs to have that something special that makes us want to visit. Yes, most of the shops in this list are high-end, boutique-style LBSs — that’s just the style that appeals to us. But really, any bike shop that continues to survive, let alone thrive in the modern climate gets a thumbs up from us!

Before we get to the list, we wanted to give a shout-out to the shops we covered in previous editions that earned more mentions again from our readers:

Above Category, Mill Valley, USA
Vecchios, Boulder, USA
Look Mum No Hands, London, UK
Pedalhead Road Works/PRW, Edmonton, Canada
Mud Dock, Bristol, UK
Cicli Berlinetta, Berlin, Germany

So, without further ado, here are another 10 of the world’s best bike shops.


We love the aesthethic of bike dress and Monaco Velo Club. Located side-by-side, the former is a boutique cycling clothing brand while the latter is a charming little cafe with a focus on gelati. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

„In 2011 bikedress opened a new store in Munich at Ohlmüllerstraße 7. On over 200 square meters, a cycling clothing experience was created without compromise. A unique and comprehensive selection of exclusive brands for Munich leaves nothing to be desired for discerning cyclists.

We founded the Monaco Velo Club to share the passion for the most beautiful sport in the world with like-minded people. Together with friends, we want to experience this indescribable feeling in the saddle and that’s why the Monaco Velo Club and the accompanying café serve as Munich’s long-awaited home for cycling.“


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Ausfahrten, Challenges und Besuche von den Helden des Rennsports. Wirf mit uns einen Blick auf die Events aus der letzten Zeit.

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Dieses Jahr stand das Timmelsjoch als Highlight der Tour auf dem Programm. 50 Teilnehmer aufgeteilt auf drei Gruppen bewältigten die Strecke mit 290km und 3.700HM bei bestem Wetter. Zur guten Laune trugen auch die leckeren Verpflegungsstationen bei. Danke Allen für den unvergesslichen Tag.

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Trotz widrigen Bedingungen hatten wir beim ASSOS Speed Club Ride eine Menge Spass. Der mehrfache Zeitfahrweltmeister Tony Martin hat sich trotz Regen die Laune nicht verderben lassen und wir konnten ihm auf der 76km Runde einen Einblick in unser Radsportrevier vermitteln.

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Monaco Velo Club TRANSALP 2022

Dieses Jahr stand als Highlight der Tour das Penser Joch auf dem Programm. Bei bestem Wetter haben knapp 50 Teilnehmer die 285km lange Strecke von München nach Meran in Angriff genommen. Dabei galt es 3.500 Höhenmeter zu bewältigen. Es waren wieder tolle Momente und Emotionen zu sehen. Danke an Alle für den tollen Tag!

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Anfahrt / Kontakt

Mitten in München erwartet dich ein Team von Radsport-Verrückten, um dir alle Fragen rund um dein Lieblingsthema zu beantworten. Und einen der besten Cappuccini der Stadt bekommst hier gleich auch noch.

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